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Дев’ять країн виходять з Альянсу незалежних пресрад Європи на підтримку України

Пресради Вірменії, Данії, Естонії, Фінляндії, Грузії, Ірландії, Молдови, Норвегії та Швеції підтримали позицію Комісії з журналістської етики та виходять з Альянсу незалежних пресрад Європи (AIPCE). Причина — не виключення Росії.

Ми наводимо повну заяву англійською про це нижче.

To AIPCE Friday, October 28th, 2022

Dear all, it is with deep regrets that we have decided to immediately suspend our membership of the AIPCE. Although it was amazing for those of us who were present in Cyprus to meet with our colleagues and to share thoughts and ideas, we believe that the Russia/Ukraine debate was handled in an unfair and undemocratic manner by the Coordinating Committee.

Our colleagues in Ukraine proposed in April 2022 that the Public Collegium of Press Complaints of Russia should be expelled from the AIPCE. Even though the Committee discussed this proposal in April, no proper and open debate was allowed amongst the members until the General Assembly in Cyprus on October 21, 2022.

This shows a remarkable lack of urgency. A full-scale war in Europe and the new media laws in Russia that prohibit free and independent media is a major issue that should have been dealt with at an earlier stage, as was repeatedly suggested by several AIPCE members.

We believe that the vote for both organizing an extraordinary online meeting in June 2022, and during the Annual meeting in Cyprus on October 21, 2022, were ill-prepared, which led to an unnecessary confrontative discussion which could have been avoided on October 21 at the Cyprus meeting. When we understood that Ukraine would not accept the suggested Russian “downgrade” to associate member, we tried to find an urgent compromise with a softer “temporary suspension” for Russia, which we hoped could save the situation.

But our proposal was met with irritation from the Coordination Committee before the debate – and that spilled over and contaminated the debate when it took place. The Committee chose a selective approach in the debate and the vote to achieve the result of rejecting the Ukrainian proposal. Instead, the Committee should have maintained neutrality and kept in mind the unity of AIPCE. We had to fight hard to even get the proposal up for a vote, which says something about how poorly it was handled from an ethical and democratic perspective.

The fact that Ukraine is out, and Russia is in, makes it impossible for us to be part of AIPCE. We are in no position to pass judgment on the staff of the Russian Collegium, but in fact, there is no press freedom today and, specifically, no possibility for proper operation of self-regulation in Russia. The whole media sector is used in Putin’s hideous propaganda machinery.

We are all behind AIPCE’s stated goals for an independent press and for solid press councils in Europe. We would like to come back to an alliance where best practise, ideas and common values can be shared in a democratic and respectful way. From this moment we are suspending our membership of the AIPCE, until our Ukrainian colleagues can join again. The logos and names of our press councils should immediately be removed from the AIPCE website.

The Press Councils in Armenia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Ireland, Moldova, Norway and Sweden.

Нагадаємо, 21 жовтня 2022 року КЖЕ заявила про повне припинення свого членства в Альянсі незалежних пресрад Європи. Участь РФ в цій організації ставить під сумнів її здатність відповідати заявленим цілям та суперечить цінностям етичної журналістики, якими ми керуємося.