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About the Commission on Journalistic Ethics

The Commission on Journalistic Ethics (CJE) is a self-regulation body for the work of journalists and newsrooms in Ukraine, which discusses and proposes resolutions to situations of conflict in the media by considering complaints from information consumers. Our task is to promote the observance of professional ethical standards in the Ukrainian media and nurture societal demand for high-quality journalism. For 20 years, the CJE has been engaged in forming a culture of professional, honest journalism, thus building trust in the media and strengthening freedom of speech in Ukraine.

Why can the Commission be trusted?

  1. For 20 years, we have been engaged in forming the culture of professional, honest journalism, and thus building trust in the media and strengthening freedom of speech in Ukraine.  
  2. The Commission was established during the founding meeting of the journalistic initiative Journalists for Fair Elections in 2001.
  3. The organization has been officially registered as a non-profit since 2003.
  4. We are members of the Ethical Journalism Network (EJN). Until March 2022, the Commission also held membership in the Alliance of Independent Press Council of Europe, which it subsequently quit due to the organization not suspending Russia’s membership following its armed aggression against Ukraine.
  5. We act transparently within the limits and on the basis of the Charter and the Ethics Code of the Ukrainian Journalist.
  6. The Commission consists of members (15 in total, ensuring a balance of opinions) with good professional standing and significant work experience: journalists, media managers, teachers of journalism departments, industry representatives, media experts, human rights advocates.
  7. Members participate in the Commission pro bono and rotate every three years.
  8. Since 2017, the Commission has been headed for the second term in a row by Andriy Kulykov, a well-known journalist, TV and radio host. The previous head, before 2017, was Volodymyr Mostovyi, founder of Dzerkalo Tyzhnia.
  9. Our permanent partners include: Coordinator of OSCE projects in Ukraine, the International Renaissance Foundation, the Office of the Council of Europe in Ukraine, the British Embassy in Ukraine, the US Embassy in Ukraine, and many others.
  10. The Ukrainian media trust our work:
  • “I received condemnation from the Commission on Journalistic Ethics for an article. I respect the decision of this independent institution, and I suggest that everyone carefully read the full conclusion of the commission and both experts,” — Borys Davydenko, former editor-in-chief of Liga.Net, editor-in-chief of Forbes Ukraine, October 25, 2021.
  • “Official response of Radio NV regarding the incident on air on September 10, 2020: Radio NV condemns any manifestations of xenophobia, intolerance, and discrimination and always promotes tolerance and inclusiveness on its airwaves… Radio NV and Serhiy Prytula personally thank the Commission on Journalistic Ethics for vigilance and professionalism”, — Radio NV, November 12, 2020.
  • “On what grounds does the SBI start a case against a journalist? For publishing a video, be it even controversial? This is up to the Commission on Journalistic Ethics…”Sevgil Musaieva, editor-in-chief of Ukrainska Pravda, November 28, 2021.
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